1. Aegis Visitor
    Dangu, France
  2. DDWIP
    Gothenburg, Sweden
  3. Zazen.FM 坐禅 fm
    Mc Murdo Station, Antarctica
  4. Ratvader
    Gothenburg, Sweden
  5. Infomercial
    Chicago, Illinois
  6. Reagan Bombs
    Washington, D.C.
  7. Itaru
    東京都, Japan
  8. Tanimura Midnight
    Gothenburg, Sweden
  9. Nounverber
    New Orleans, Louisiana
  11. Gecki
    Gothenburg, Sweden
  12. Ghost Car Records
    New York, New York
  13. Swan Sex
    Umeå, Sweden
  14. Triobelisk
    Gothenburg, Sweden
  15. The Vigils
    Los Angeles, California
  16. Zoneplex
    Los Angeles, California
  17. Mimegames
    Paris, France
  18. Jean Miche
    Brooklyn, New York
  19. Jonathan Kreinik
    Brooklyn, New York
  20. BMK
    Gothenburg, Sweden
  21. Llamatronik
  22. Shelby Cinca
    Washington, D.C.


Swedish Columbia Washington, D.C.

Washington, DC DIY punk ethic for releasing electronic music since 2007.

The label roster began with friends from Göteborg, Sweden or displaced DC natives and has expanded to a worldwide nexus of sound. We believe that the slow blade penetrates the shield.

Our logo is a combination of the Washington, DC city flag and three crowns from Sweden's coat of arms.
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